History in the Making

The first of our three generations to enter the cutting arena was Kenneth (Pete) Peters. Pete was a cowboy who ended up hauling cattle and training horses at Tom Lee's Quarter Horse Ranch in Ft Wayne, Indiana. Pete was a family man and even though he worked full time to make ends meet, his own time was always spent at the ranch. The horse he is probably the best known for training was Rey Jay's Pete. This 1963 son of Rey Jay became the first of his offspring to gain national recognition after winning the 1966 Futurity under Buster Welch.

1966 Furturity Champion Rey Jay's Pete
Kenneth Peters "Pete" on Jay Moss
Jay Moss is one of the leading producing mares of all-time. As of the 2016 Futurity, Jay Moss, has earners of $761,000 to her credit. It wasn't just the blood lines alone, it was also the ability this mare had to pass on to her foals.This 1966 daughter of Rey Jay has her place in history. Born in Ft Wayne Indiana, she was raised and trained by Pete and his son, Cliff. The Peters family sold her to Marion Flint who believed in the "magic cross" of breeding with Rey Jay mares. Jay Moss started producing later in life (after the age of 11), however, each one of her offspring were money earners such as Rey Lynx who won over $584,888. Her also famous Daughter, Nurse Rey, has made her own place in cutting history as the mother of Dual Rey, currently the most popular cutting stud of our times.


After Pete died, Cliff, his son, took the reins. Money became tight, however, and much as Cliff wanted to carry on the cutting tradition, he and his wife, Pam, put it on hold while raising their family. After many years and hard work, Willow Ranch has become the first ranch owned by the family. Its' mission is to raise well-bred cutting babies and train them with good, solid principles in order to produce sensible horses for both trainers and non-pros. Their son, Matt, and daughter Sue Ellen, are helping to carry on the cutting tradition in the family.

Cliff Peters on Dry Docs Ella
Matt Peters on Doc C Bars